These guys are absolutely hilarious! From the moment we met, we instantly hit it off with each other and when they told us that they had met on we thought they were joking! It felt as if they had been together for years and the way their personalities matched each other was seamless! We were 100% sure that their wedding events would be a joy to cover, and we jumped at the chance!

Dipak & Jay put a lot of effort into making their wedding special. The beauty was in the details! From Dipak’s wolverine claws on the cake topper which sat an awesome cake, to the stool Jay’s brother lay down on the mandap so that a small Jay can reach the 6″+ height of Dipak to put the garland around his neck, it was all thought of impeccably. Oh and don’t forget that awesome first dance where Dipak spun Jay around like they were pro dancers!

So let us take you back to those special moments of our now good friends, and show you what all you lot missed out on!

Gaurav & Keiran